Frequently Asked Questions about baxtr.

What is a Pet Wellness Plan? How is it different from pet insurance? How is baxtr different? What should I name my cat?

Answers to all these questions, and more:

What is a Pet Wellness Plan?

Glad you asked. A Pet Wellness Plan is a collection of wellness services that your clients buy, for a monthly or annual fee, for their pets. Think of it as subscription healthcare.

Wellness plans, as their name indicates, generally cover preventive care – annual well-visits, exams, vaccines, etc. You can choose to offer additional services if you wish.

What's the difference between a Wellness Plan and Pet Insurance?

The Pet Insurance model involves a third-party insurance company reimbursing your clients for payments made to you. Or sometimes not reimbursing. Pet insurance Insurance is never easy. Insurance always costs more than we want it to, and seemingly never provides what we think it will. No one likes insurance.

The Wellness Plan model is different. It's direct primary care (which is all the rage these days for humans). No reimbursements, no deductibles, no uncertainty whether services will be covered. Wellness plans keep your clients loyal (since they become "plan members"), and make it easier to keep their pets healthy. Everyone likes “wellness”.

How is baxtr different from pet insurance?

You may have heard of other companies that say they provide "wellness plans," but more often than not they use the same reimbursement model as Pet Insurance. Your clients don't see any difference – they pay for services, they get reimbursed, and there's still a third party in between your clinic and your clients.

There are, however, some third-party wellness plans that you can license to use in your practice. But those are off-the-rack plans. You're selling what someone else decided you ought to offer. That's...not ideal.

With baxtr, YOU configure your wellness plan. YOU decide the services you want to offer. YOU decide the plans you want to offer. YOU decide what to charge for the plans. It's YOUR plan. And baxtr is the platform that manages it for you. Automatically.

What about emergency procedures?

Most clinics provide a members-only discount as part of their plans to cover any treatment that falls outside of routine preventive care. Ultimately, however, the amount and implementation of those discounts (flat rate discount versus custom fee schedule) is up to you.

Will baxtr train my team on how to be successful with an in-house wellness plan?

Boy will we. When we’re done training you, you’ll be a regular Pet...Smart.

What should I name my cat?

Anything but "Whiskers." Please.

How much does baxtr cost?

Less than you think.

Check out our pricing page for details.

How do we pay baxtr?

Once per month, your clinic will be billed a monthly fee, which will automatically be drafted from your payment method on file. Trust me, if we could do it all for dog treats, we would.

How does my clinic get paid?

Your clients pay through our platform and we deposit those amounts to your bank account. Simple.

How do I tell our clients about this?

The most popular method would be via social media, however, with our marketing materials, the sky's the limit. In-office marketing, direct mailers, radio ads, patient acquisition campaigns...however you reach your clients now, you can tell them about your plans.

What's the fastest animal on earth?

The cheetah. Next...

Does baxtr offer phone support?

Yes. And email, chat, help center, webform, video conference, and sometimes even walkie talkie if you’re really close by.

Does baxtr integrate with my practice management software?

It will. Soon. In the meantime, you won’t spend more than about 12 minutes each month balancing your books. It’s easy, we promise. We'll show you.

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